Worker's Memorial Day 2003 TAIWAN
Taiwan Association for Victim of Occupational Injuries, TAVOI

TAVOI holds a series of actions around 28th Apr.-- the international workers memorial day-- such as memorial ceremony in both Buddhism and Catholic way, a photo exhibition for family of those occupational deceased workers, a fully review of the practice of "The Protection Act for Injured Workers" in 2002, and on 428 there will be a rally in front of the president hall to present our plea. You can reach more details and pictures on our website:

2003 National Spring Memorial Service for Occupational Injuries
Mourn for the dead, Fight for the living.
This is the fifth year TAVOI hold the National Spring Memorial Service for the Victims of Occupational Injuries in Taiwan. Family of deceased together with labors and migrant workers in Taiwan are invited to mourn workers die or injured form occupational accidents.
Date: Buddhism memorial ceremony: 06 Apr. at Fu Kong Shan Temple
Catholic memorial service: 27 Apr. AM11:00 at St. Christopher Church

Photography exhibition- 'Be Together'
Book of the photography exhibition- 'The Color of the Kapok Blossom'

TAVOI cooperated with Ho Chingtai to take "occupational injured family photos", in which the whole family and the picture of the dead are placed together.
"To photograph the occupational injured, to expose the parts that suffer the most and tried hard to hide was so difficult. We can only face it together by struggling closely with the injured. To photograph the death of the injury was even harder. Death is after all a taboo. We have to motivate the entire workers' families through the energy of collective action and social recognition, to make them decide independently to expose their suffering for the lesson of the entire society." -from the preface of the book 'The Color of the Kapok Blossom'
The book is available at all bookstores in Taiwan.
Date: Photography exhibition: 20 Apr ~ 1 May. At NGO House in Taipei

International Conference on Karoshi
As therate of unemployment shooting up, those who barely keep their job have to take on double or even more loading then before. Under these extremely pressure, more and more cases of Karoshi- death due to overwork appear. Sadly, these cases are likely to be diagnosed as result of their physical unfit rather than their work condition. Thus, it's difficult for those workers and their family to fight for their rights. We would like to learn from your experience on the following issues:
How do you organize the victims to promote the issue?
How are the criteria to determine Karosi established? Is there a place for family members of victims or workers?
Are the criteria to determine Karoshi in touch with current pattern of Karoshi?
Date: due to the epidemic of SARS, the conference is postponed until June.
National Press conference to review the one-year practice of "Occupational Injured Workers Protection Law"
It's been one year since the "Occupational Injured Workers Protection Law" which took over seven years of the effort of CALL and TAVOI was put into effort in Taiwan. And it's time we should check up whether the law do protect the workers! We demand that the government should take its' responsibility to hold national commemoration ceremony and to build memorial monument for victims of occupational accidents. Both of which are promised in this law.
Date: 27 Apr. 14:00 at St. Christopher Church

428 March to the President Hall and to light "Candle of Hope" to echo the international campaign
Machines don't kill, but wrong labor policy does!
After the new government came into power, labor policy was amended towards subcontract, privatization, and flexlization. As the result, unemployment rate raise dramatically, and workers who keep their job have to work overtime, to bear with excessive work burden, or to work in an even harsher environment. Worker was forced to take the potential risk of occupational injuries. The wrong labor policies could do more harm to the workers. It's even more dreadful then a war!
Date: 28 Apr. 14:00 at NGO House in Taipei

Looking for Workers hurt or die from occupational injured in Taiwan
We ask the society to help report the occupational injuries case to TAVOI. So we can reach them and to set up a network among the families of occupational injured workers or deceased. The record of occupational accidents is the most treasure page of the labor history in Taiwan. By posting the poster with a picture of worker who
We remind the society that the problem must be faced. The poster and the flyer are distributed all over Taiwan.
There is a free telephone number: 0800-222-428
Date: It will be a long-term action that goes through this year.